The Attic of Poetic Musings

The Grace of You

There but for the grace of you, go I,
There, but for your wisdom.
There but for the grace of you,
I would have this done.

Who would have known your power?
The strength of words you said.
Tis I, with first hand wonder,
Tis I, the undead.

There but for the grace of you, go I,
Into endless darkness.
But for the grace of you,
I would remain lost and helpless.

Who would have sought your counsel?
And knew of your inner strength?
To soothe a soul so tortured,
To save a youth misspent.

There but for the grace of you, go I,
I thank you for your salvation.
And credit to the grace of you,
My life, a new creation.

© Niav McEvoy 2017


A light, a beacon, so far away,
A heart, not beating, one day.
A dream, shattered, gone,
What now? What next? Hope is gone.

The night, it comes, so quiet,
So soft, so low, the light.
A dream, a thought, new hope,
Once more, a plan, to cope.

You’re gone, and yet, you’re here,
Inside, a memory, so clear.
An ache, a hurt, a tear,
A precious, my unborn, so dear.

The sky, your home, not mine,
I’ll meet you, one day, in time.
For now, a memory, afar,
I ache, for you, my Star.

© Niav McEvoy 2016

The Last Breath

I still hear it; I still feel it; It angers and it hurts
Though so long ago; It still aches and still cuts.
No-one deserves it; But especially not you
People of your calibre; There are but a few.
The last breath though distant; A memory of old
It lives on in my heart; to never go cold.

© Niav McEvoy 2018