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About Celtic Sage

Celtic Sage is a combination of many things – it is fueled by my love of writing, my love of helping others, my belief in the power of positive thinking, and my absolute certainty that kindness is everything. This blog is a collection of my musings of life in general, so you could find any topic popping up – from losing loved ones, to rearing children, gardening to shopping, mindfulness to craziness – it will all appear at some point I’m sure…..

So who am I? Well my name is Niav, and I was born and reared in Co Clare but now live in North Wexford……two of the nicest counties in Ireland to call home…..

Married to Darren, with 5 beautiful children……therein lies the 6 greatest blessings in my life……

I am a full time working mother, currently working in adult education but previously in disability services and elderly care services…..

I am someone who gets that life can be tough, it can be hard to juggle everything, but with a firm belief that we can and should help each other along when necessary, applaud each others victories, support the tough times, celebrate the good times, and live the best life we can…..

I hope you enjoy my musings, I know I am really enjoying the creation and development of Celtic Sage…..

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